The Hermès of bakeries

One of my former bosses was born and spent the first years of his life in Soviet Russia where he recalled having to wait in a bread queue with his mother. It did not sound a particularly joyful memory.

I remembered this story as I paid and put my name on a reservation list at my local bakery for one of its limited batches of corn bread. Although I would rather equate my experience with reserving a luxury item than cold war austerity given that it is possibly the best bread you will ever taste.

It is a bit ridiculous and slightly middle class to be reserving bread but for the fact that if Carlsburg made bread!

The bakery, opposite Morley Collage in Lambeth, makes this bread fresh but not every day and when it does, it only bakes four loaves. I was not party to this information and assumed after happening upon it one morning that it was always available.

Alas I spent a frustrating few weeks trying to time my arrival at the bakery to buy a loaf. I asked the manager when next the corn bread would be baking and was given a different time with each enquiry.

Then a breakthrough, the bakery assistant revealed it only baked four or possibly five loaves and that I could always reserve one. It was better than picking up a Birkin bag when I toddled off this morning to collect my corn bread.

I have attempted to bake my own bread with various degrees of success, but again my skills as a baker are limited and so I would rather outsource my carb needs to someone who can actually produce the goods.

Yet it’s hard to find truly tasty shop bought bread in this country and even when I paid £3 for a loaf at Borough Market I was left slightly disappointed.

Not so with my £1.49 loaf, which, at this moment is being devoured with butter & jam and a nice cup of tea.

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