Hello treacle

If Alice had not fallen down the rabbit hole and been taken on what was clearly a LSD trip (those Victorian writers were pretty hot on the psychedelics), she may well have pitched up in Hove and opened the Treacle & Co Cafe on Church Road.

It is a veritable wonderland of food, decor and, most importantly, cake. Oh how I could spend hours daydreaming of the frosting and fancies this delightful establishment conjures up. To taste its gluten-free chocolate and orange moose cake or its strawberry cream filled sponge is akin to being sent on a dreamy trip but without the flashbacks when around any kind of repetitive lighting.

Cake and interiors perfectly matched!

I’ve taken inspiration from its whimsical way of presenting its wares and its storage ideas!

A great way to hang kitchen utensils

Obviously the cake is the star attraction but the lunches the café serves are just as delicious. The bacon, egg and avocado is a simple but very tasty dish.

A painting on a plate

However, food aside, there are two other reasons why I love this place so much. One being the great coffee they serve and the other is its choice in table lamps. How can you ever have anything but a fabulous dining experience when you have a cute kitten to keep you company?


A little love with your coffee

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