Liebster table notes

Table Manners has been busy redecorating its London HQ, the results of which one shall be sharing with readers very soon. Once I’ve recovered from the paint-fume induced headaches. And that my kitchen walls are now electric blue.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank A Taste of Wintergreen for nominating Table Manners Magazine for a Liebster Award, which is given out to help publicise blogs.

The Liebster is sort of the blogging equivalent of a chain letter, but in a good way. It’s not like those email ones that warn if you don’t pass the message onto 100 friends angels will get the hump and throw your investments, house and dog down a well.

Instead it asks you to share a bit more about yourself and to offer up suggestions for other blogs that people may want to discover.

As part of the nomination, A Taste of Wintergreen asked me to answer a few questions and I have duly obliged below.  As part of the award you are asked to nominate others, so over the course of time I will be popping a few questions to other bloggers. Have a lovely weekend y’all!

What is your favourite book?

Tender is the Night by Scott F Fitzgerald. I studied it for A’ Level and fell in love with Mr Fitzgerald, he was my first dance through American literature classics.

Favourite movie?

So many, so many but the one I can watch repeatedly and never tire of is Some Like It Hot. I don’t think people ever gave Ms Monroe enough credit for her comic timing.

Worst bad habit?

I tend to be untidy at times.

Second worst bad habit?

That I lie about how untidy I can be!

Favourite food?

You can never go wrong with a Sunday roast dinner but only if you make it yourself. I have yet to taste a gastropub offering that I felt was worth the money.

Favourite unhealthy bad food choice?

A St John’s custard doughnut, possibly the best doughnut in the entire world of baking!

If Heineken made doughnuts…..

What dream are you setting out to accomplish?

Buying a house by the sea.

Where will you travel next?

Margate and Whitstable this weekend.

What’s something you’ve never shared publicly before?

When I was seven I stole a packet of sweets from a shop, I was caught out and the owner sent his son home with me to tell my parents what I had done. My older sister answered the door, wearing the cheap hairclip I’d stolen from the shop the week before. My life of crime ended there and then.

What’s your favourite holiday?

Halloween/Day of the Dead not just for the dressing up (although that’s a good 50 per cent of it) but for the food and drink selection potential.

What’s the best thing about blogging?

I write about what interests me and if people like it, great, and if they don’t well there’s someone writing something out there that will click with them.

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