Postcards from the edge of Forest Hill

In drawers, boxes and folders across the land lie rectangular reminders of trips to cultural establishments, day trips and holidays, and representations of favourite famous faces. Postcards are a wonderfully democratic idea, where for a pound or less anyone can own a piece of art. Yet we leave them tucked away, with only a few making it to walls or pin boards.



When my fiancée moved into my small south London flat we sifted through his belongings to find the most space efficient way to store them, and that’s when we decided to give his box of Penguin cards a home in one of the many flea market frames he owned. Liberate your postcard collection, and put it to use as a bold decorative piece that shows off your interests.


When it comes to presenting them, comb charity shops and jumble sales for frames to upcycle. If they don’t have glass, or it’s cracked, then find a glazier who will happily cut a piece to order. It costs less than one would imagine, with the glass for the Penguin frame coming in at £12.



We have used other bargain frames for displaying prints and pictures. The trick is to get a mount cut, these can cost from as little as £2 to £10 depending upon size. A mounted print looks far more professional, and so for a few quid you can hang something decorative on a wall without having to step foot in Ikea.

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