Why blog?

In 2010 I was working as an online editor for The Times, already a journalist with many years experience of observing and writing about the world for regional and national publications. However, I felt it was time to explore more of it in person.

So I left my job, packed a wheelie case and set off for a trip through America, Australasia and South East Asia. During my travels I volunteered on farms, made organic compost in Thailand, and worked in a vintage clothing store in Australia.

A year later I returned with a tan, a memory card full of photos, and a new role as deputy editor of the food magazine Fresh Produce Journal, and I started a new blog called Table Manners Magazine.

The blog focused on stylish, thrifty, and inevitably environmentally friendly, living. The archive posts cover food and horticulture, to interiors and travel destinations.

Although I started my career writing about rave culture for fanzines, before training as a news reporter to cover, as one colleague put it, “drugs, guns and misery”, I have long had an interest in environmental matters.

My professional portfolio includes on the ground reporting of New York’s 9/11 terrorist attacks, to a fashion blog for Times Online called A Clean Pair of Heels, along with celebrity interviews with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Eddie Izzard and Johnny Vegas.

I have been fortunate to make a living writing about food, drink, interiors, environment and travel for publications such as The Sunday Times, The Times, Telegraph and the new magazine ARTICLE. Now though it is not enough to simply report on what other people are creating, and so I am returning to full-time education to study environmental resource management.

This blog started out as Table Manners Magazine, but going forward it will widen into a place where I can document my own work, as well as projects and research that are helping to conserve the planet for future generations.

5 thoughts on “Why blog?

    • Why thank you, and may I say what a lovely dog Lola is! Looking forward to your bite sized posts.

  1. Does the link in my message above work if you click on it?

    The Liebster Blog Award instructions are there. I set it up as a hidden page in that it is only supposed to be visible to the people I nominated. BUT I’m not quite sure what I am doing – so perhaps it is hidden from everyone! (Sometimes I only THINK I know what I’m doing!)

    If it doesn’t work when you click on it – I’ll ‘unhide’ it.

    love your blog!

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